Weekly Chats & Video

While we plan to hold in person sessions in the future, all of our sessions will be via  remote video chat for the time being. 

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SO!!!  While I can relate to the experience of having a hidden disability, there are certain ones that I cannot fully comprehend and can only try to imagine.  have certain ones I can only imagine. Therefore, I am excited to announce that soon there will be an opportunity for individuals with Dyslexia to chat with others who also have Dyslexia. Similarly, there will be options for those with other types of hidden disabilities as well.

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June Group meetings 

If you could write a fantasy story about you what would it be like? How would you express your self in different forms?


May Group meetings 

What misconceptions have you faced?

What strengths have you gained due to your hidden disability?

Shaping your Identity - moved for May 27th

Shaping your Identity 

April Group meetings 

Disability vs Disorder 

What term do you like better?

(No video )

Dealing with negative comments

 Group meetings will start back up on the 25th !!

So excited to start up the group meetings again !

March I will be on spring break for the first two weeks ! I will be traveling across the country and across the world. 

 February group meetings

One on ones !! - email me if you want to do ones on ones. 

 January group meetings

No video this week.  Free talk.

January 21st @ 7pm 


December will be one on ones !

November group meetings

Sunday, November 6th 

Do you have a funny accent ?

¬†I have funny stories to tell here‚ėļÔłŹ

October group meetings   

Do you let your hidden disability define you?

Special back to school secssion!!! 

Intro Video to Young Able Voices