About Young Able Voices


Young Able Voices serves as a  safe place for kids that have hidden disabilities to connect with each other to share personal experienceses knowing they aren't alone and unheard.

I know when I was younger I would have loved to have a place to come and chat with others that were experiencing similar challenges as I am.   At first, I didn't mind being the only one with Childhood Apraxia of Speech,  I kind of thought, "hey this makes me unique." However, as I grew older I got more frustrated as my friends and family didn't understand what my struggle was like.  No one understood how it felt to not be able to say what I wanted or when sounds that I had practiced hundreds of times came out wrong. It was terribly frustrating.  It is my most sincere hope that Young Able Voices finds its way into children's lives and that it will make a very important difference for them. 

How can Young Able Voices help?

Living in an age where appearing perfect in school and on social media is everything, wouldn't it be super helpful to know that there is a safe place for kids to chat with others that are also struggling with hidden disabilities and are likely to understand how you feel?

My Mission 

My goal is to provide a place for kids that offers kind, age-appropriate conversation that will make each day a little bit easier and provide the knowledge that things will improve. 

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